Adult ADHD assessments

At The Crawley Clinic, we take a team-based approach to assessment, with our senior clinicians collaborating with our early career clinicians…or put simply, you get two heads for the process of one. We work collaboratively to help you fully delve into whether an ADHD diagnosis is something that can clarify what you’ve been struggling with for so long, confirm what you perhaps already suspect, or even rule ADHD out so you can focus on the real issue.
Through thorough assessment we can then work with you to identify your best next steps. For some people that’s a psychiatry referral to discuss medication, for others it’s as relatively simple as ADHD coaching, or perhaps it might be both. The treatment is as unique as you are.
Our assessments cost $1,800 (+GST). We have payment plans to assist if needed. This includes testing, results analysis, a written report (including recommendations), personalised feedback (including recommendations and discussion of next steps) & communication with your GP (with your consent).
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